Vinsko-turistička kartica WineRS card je proizvod udruženja Vinski putevi Srbije.

Korisnici ove kartice ostvaruju pravo na popuste i druge pogodnosti u objektima pravnih lica

koja su članovi Kluba Vinskih puteva Srbije (Kluba VPS).

Kartica važi za kalendarsku godinu u kojoj je izdata.

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WineRS card

Serbia has returned to the wine and gastronomic map of Europe and the world!
Passionate winemakers and winegrowers from Serbia won more than 100 medals in 2018.
(more than 20 gold,  80 silver and bronze medals combined)
at the most prestigious competitions that assess the best European and world wines.
Nature has richly endowed Serbia. We offer our guests natural beauties, clean air,
healthy water and food and the best wine.

With the WineRS card, get to know the best that Serbia can offer you!

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